The New Birth Certificate – Birth of a New Age

The New Birth Certificate – Birth of a New Age

Ok, so, the other night I was chatting with my flatmate and her dinner guest, and as you do when you first meet someone, you ask questions and gauge who the hell they are. We were chatting about what we want to do with our lives and which direction to take, and of course he asks me and well, my answer is never simple!

So I stop for a second and I realise that there is a fuck load going on in my head right now that I think I have ADHD, but I bring my energy down and focus it into two passions that I have been obsessed by for let’s just say ‘quite a while’. Firstly, I admit that if I had all the money and time in the world I would go to university, and I don’t mean online university that one does between 6pm and 1am like I have been doing since 2012, what I mean is go to a proper live University and study microbiology, like get in a lab coat and shit and get serious. Yep, if anyone hasn’t noticed by now gut bacteria and the microbiome is a bit of an obsession with me, the connection with psychology and the gut was actually my focus when I had to do an online talk for uni last year, connecting depression with certain strains of gut bacteria, but really that is just the tip of the iceberg, our body’s bacteria is associated with all emotional/mental/physical conditions, this realm of science really is the future of medicine, of skin care, of mental health, of literally everything……

The second obsession is the mind shift around the birth certificate; the gender that is written on it and the two person responsibility rights associated with it. All this talk about gender on birth certificates and people trying to change their gender if their view of themselves does not match society’s binary boxed idea of what that means and what that should look like.

I would love to see the gender section on the birth certificate just removed entirely. There is no rational reason that it should be there, if you need an identifier then blood type, thumb print or some other biomarker will do.

Historically the only reason for gender to be noted on a birth certificate is to do with transfer of assets from father to son via automatic inheritance, the same with royalty, for millennia they only handed power from king to first born son, this only changed with the reign of Queen Victoria but before that all power and money always went to the males of the family.

This ancient legal concept is not only buried in the laws of Australia and England (where Australia’s colonial laws were historically inherited and initially derived), but it is with most cultures on the planet that the family name, property and other assets legally travel down the male side of the family, which is why patriarchal societies and cultures don’t really have a whole lot of respect for women because they are seen as a financial liability and a burden and are essentially sold off to other families as a working womb, the “if you can feed her and house her, she will give you a new male heir” concept is alive and well, and this disrespect really shines through with the shocking statistics of infanticide of female born children in places such as India and China which I find sad and just frightening.

So my dream is to live in a world where gender is just a ‘non-issue’, and then no parent has to ‘decide’ what gender to assign to a child if they are born with ambiguous genitalia or have ‘conversations’ with schools or friends and family if their child wants to dress and present themselves in a way that differs from what their community expects of them based on their biological sex.

Secondly, I have a dream and a passion for changing the birth certificate as a whole. For parents to come together and create a parenting agreement and contract that spells out what agreement they are walking into, what role each person is putting their hand up for, and how they see their common values and what kind of a life they decide on creating for the child. Of course I envisage the coparents to be, to see family counsellors together before conception, and experts in family law matters to ‘nut out’ the family vision and a working roadmap for their family before conception. And for that document to be the basis of the new birth certificate; that those names, those individuals, are the ones responsible for the financial responsibility, emotional support and physical protection of that child, and if there are 3 or 4 names on that birth certificate then so be it. But at least a family court will have a well thought out document/agreement to work with if shit goes down, and shit will always go down, because we are talking about human beings and human relationships for god sake and as the Dalai Lama says “one of the most difficult things in the world is human relationship”, so walking into a situation with your eyes wide open in a forum where constructive clear and kind communication is a value held dear by all, then we have a fighting chance.

Let’s create a future where every child that is born has a well thought out plan and loads of beautiful humans that put their hand up for their care, we might just have a few less kids in foster care or living on the street if we just took a little bit more care in how we bring kids into the world.

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